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Questions tagged [public-relations]

For use on questions specifically about the public image of RPGs, RPGers, or RPGing as a whole. This is NOT about the public relations aspect of RPG publishing, or anything else where the RPG-playing community is the 'public' in question.

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5 answers

What is the background of Christian resistance to role-playing?

While in high school, a classmate introduced us to MAGUS, a fantasy RPG popular in Hungary. We played a simplified version with no dice-rolling and stuff; basically it was one person telling a story ...
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15 answers

How do you reassure a parent who is worried about RPGs being unhealthy for their children?

Are there any constructive steps fellow players and GMs can take when a high-school age player's parents express concern at their roleplaying game hobby? Assume the player is a healthy creative ...
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Best answer for people concerned about RPG activities being occult or dangerous?

I've had many experiences where the very fact of roleplaying triggered some concerned comment from the "uninitiated," likely parents or neighbors. Some examples: A friend of mine hosted a Vampires ...
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