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Questions tagged [random-generation]

For question related to the random generation of RPG elements. This could be randomly generated loot, dungeons, encounters, or something else.

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How to make a device to randomly choose one of three possibilities, with caveat that sometimes one of them is not available?

I don't like rerolls. I feel they break the speed of the game. Imagine, for example, that we have a monster with three attacks: claws, tail and bite. Each round it uses random attack chosen from the ...
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2 answers

How can I get an AnyDice conditional to convert a sequence to a boolean?

I'm trying to get AnyDice to roll a dice pool of dNs if any result = N roll one more dN output 1 if that die roll is greater than variable a target number (set by the count of successes e.g. one '...
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3 answers

What's the closest I can get to simulating critical hits with a dice pool, without relying on the total sum?

I'm making a game that uses a dice pool rolling system (for my purpose it's always a d12 and no other dice), and I wanted to figure out if making a 'critical hit' mechanic was possible, that is ...
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In Classic Traveller, how to handle overflows on the tables?

I am generating a solar system following the procedure in Classic Traveller Book 6: Scouts. This entails rolling on many tables. The first table is representative: it has lines for results 0-12. The ...
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Are all the combinations of items in Dungeon Wordle possible?

I recently picked up Dungeon Wordle from the Wordle Jam on, and I was really impressed... But the way the game 'randomises' what item you get for a given day, is based on the answer to the ...
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How do I generate spell component gems within the 5e Dungeon Master Guide rules as written?

I'm going to use diamonds as an example, but other spell component gems may have the same problem and solution. The DM Guide outlines specific tables for random generation of gems. Diamonds at ...
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What are the effects of using this stat generation method?

I have recently discovered the game Knave, by Ben Milton from the Questing Beast YouTube channel, and I find the stat generation procedure pretty interesting. I'm thinking of implementing it in some ...
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For the Conjure Animals spells, are the summoned fey spirits 'smart' enough to take a form that fits the summoning locale?

Currently I'm running Conjure Animals fairly restrictively. The player says they are casting the spell and designates the locations that they will appear (I then label them, as they are designated)....
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21 votes
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How do I use the Random Height and Weight table in the Player's Handbook to determine a creature's weight?

I was reading through the Player's Handbook today to make a character when I saw the Random Height and Weight tables. Looking at that, I saw that the weight, for a Tiefling, was 110 lbs * (2d4). ...
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How do you reward treasure for an encounter using the Magic Item Compendium's list?

Beginning on page 265 in the Magic Item Compendium, a new system for the generation of random treasure is presented. While the system presented in the Dungeon Master's Guide beginning on page 51 ...
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1 answer

Which 3rd party D&D nested random encounter resource includes combat/social/treasure/mystery encounters for each type of environment?

I had once found a nested random encounter resource, as in there was a master table to determine the whether the party discovered interesting terrain, combat, mysteries, etc and one could then find ...
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What rpg Succeed/Fail rolling systems are out there? [closed]

I am studying how games balance skill and chance using dice based systems. There are many systems like D&D's D20 system or the Burning Wheels (unnamed D6 system) that take a blend of skill and ...
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3 answers

How do you handle random encounters if the GM isn't supposed to roll dice?

I'm trying to deal with random encounters in DW. If my players are in a town, and suddenly decide to go into a random building how do I decide if the NPCs in there like the PCs? In D&D I'd just ...
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Is there a condensed treasure generation table?

The Rolemaster FRP Treasure Companion (ICE 5811) provides a pretty good treasure generation method, but I was wondering if there is an alternate condensed version with similar results. Maybe in ...
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26 votes
4 answers

How can I generate multi-story random dungeons without having to do the entire random gen process by hand?

I sometimes like to use randomly generated dungeons for short-form games or when I'm trying to design something that's more intended to be a speedbump than a showpiece, if you will. However, existing ...
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