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Reign is a fantasy RPG from Greg Stolze utilizing his One Roll Engine - a dice pool system based on rolling matching sets. It is perhaps most notable for its Company rules - a generic ORE-based ruleset for managing the activities of groups.

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How does the Company Attack action work?

I have the Reign Enchiridion book and the rules for Company Attack aren't clear enough for me to understand without either an example or additional explanation. My confusion comes down to how ...
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How would I represent managing a pirate ship in Reign's Company rules? [closed]

I'm unclear on how to represent managing a pirate ship using Reign's Company rules. How would they be applied?
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13 votes
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How to effectively combine Ars Magica's Agent rules with Reign's Company rules?

This question was originally posed hypothetically in this Answer and ensuing comments. I am attempting to do something very similar to this as seen in this Question. In that question I am looking ...
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In the spell construction rules, is this an instant-kill?

I was looking at the rules for constructing spells in the book The First Year of Our REIGN, and was a little confused by the wording on one of the effects. The effect is a +7 to intensity, and says "...
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How do I create rules for a zone of magical safety using the company rules of REIGN?

In my friend @Magician's game, he's created a shadow-substance called Taint (stolen from Heroes of Horror) which infects communities unless they are protected by "Daylight Crystals" (does what it says ...
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Using the Company Rules in Reign for a wilderness keep

How can you model the territorial expansion of the PCs' wilderness keep using the Company rules in Reign? In Reign, the Company rules let you model organisations the PCs run (or are just part of), ...
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Realm Management Rules That Work

I have been searching for years for a good realm-management rule set for RPGs. By "realm management," I mean a system that tracks the fortunes of large areas and / or groups in the way that most RPGs ...