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For questions about relationship mechanics, elements of game rules that relate to the emotional connections that drive conflict and agreement between players and non-player characters.

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How do Impression Checks work in Golden Sky Stories?

I'm about to run a game of Golden Sky Stories but the rules and examples have left me confused about how Impression Checks work. When you make an Impression Check, the rules seem to say that if the ...
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What are the potential downsides of this homebrew contacts system?

In a recent discussion I had with another GM we expressed displeasure at a few common archetypes that characters tend towards. More specifically, we both expressed reservations about newly created ...
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Damage from a Like who I don't like

It generally makes sense that a Sleuth takes +1 damage when she takes Cool damage from a Like relationship; that sort of betrayal stings ("Damage" BGS 66). But BGS 89 ("You Hate Me but I Love You") ...
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What do I get for making new enemies?

Does my Sleuth get extra Relationship build points when the narrative gives me a new Hate, or is that only during character creation? The GM will create a Hate relationship for you, or you can work ...
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How can I model the weakening and strengthening of a relationship?

I am going to run a teen-investigation game in a setting strongly inspired by Scooby-Doo. The location is the teens' town, so PCs' relationships with NPCs will be an important feature of play. I think ...
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Managing PC-NPC Relations

Our group is playing a campaign focused around organized crime in the east coast prohibition-era US. Think Italian Mafia, Irish Mob, etc. Instead of just the 'usual' mob street business (think Thommy ...
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Methods for NPC Relationship Diagrams [duplicate]

I am trying to find a good method to build Relationship Diagrams. So a tool or other method that can automatically generate a diagram showing the relationships between NPCs. When I say relationships,...
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In Nobilis what is the positive benefit of a Bond?

Bonds seem to be more than just a liability, these are the things that are important to a character, and given the very correspondence driven nature of the Nobilis cosmology would see to be a strength....
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