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For questions about retraining (also known as rebuilding or respeccing), the act of making changes to a character's build after its creation has been finalized. Some RPG systems may contain formalized rules for retraining a character, whereas other systems might require house-rules in order to allow retraining.

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Can certain classes replace cantrips with other spells when they level up?

Many classes: bard, ranger, sorcerer, and warlock have this type of text in their Spellcasting or Pact Magic feature under Spells Known of 1st Level or Higher: Additionally, when you gain a level ...
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Is class retraining an option?

I skimmed the PHB, but I didn't find any information on "retraining" or any ways to "undo" character advancement. Is retraining (especially of classes and class features) available ...
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Can you retrain the Magic Initiate spell using the Spellcasting feature?

This question got me thinking about the mechanics of the Magic Initiate feat when you have class levels in the class into which you were inducted. Among the classes you can pick with this feat are ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Can spells from the Magic Initiate feat be swapped out for different ones?

For example, a character takes the Magic Initiate feat at level 4, picking spells from the Wizard spell list, because they have been researching and learning all they can about magic (such as a ...
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Can druids change their starting cantrips each day?

Are a Level 1 Druid's cantrips changeable each day? (As opposed to picking 2 cantrips at the start of Level 1, and those are the ones you keep until until you get more at higher levels.)
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10 votes
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Has there been an errata that allows cantrips to be swapped out upon levelling up?

Based on the Q&A "Can certain classes replace cantrips with other spells when they level up?", it appears that, RAW, cantrips cannot be swapped out on level up like other spells can be (for ...
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Can Vivisectionist retrain Throw Anything feat?

One of my players has an alchemist with vivisectionist archetype, thus loosing ability to make bombs in change of roguish sneak attack. He tries to convince me, that Throw Anything feat gained as a ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How exactly do the rules on changing your subclass from "Tasha's Cauldron of Everything" work?

I bought Tasha's Cauldron of Everything last month and have enjoyed it thoroughly. My question has to deal with the "Changing Your Subclass" rules found on page 8. The first paragraph under ...
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Is there a way for Adepts to swap/retrain adept powers?

For one of my characters I've found that certain powers I've chosen as an adept don't really come in to play much; is there a way for an adept to essentially retrain power points? I realize magic (...
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Can a PC take a utility skill power before level 6?

Having just reached level 4, I want my battlemind PC that's just taken the feat Hero of the Faith (Divine Power 144)—picking the skill Streetwise—to retrain his level 2 battlemind utility power ...
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1 answer

Can I use a maneuver to meet the prerequisites for a martial stance, then swap out that maneuver later?

I'm a Warblade in the process of reaching level 6. I have one level 1 Diamond Mind maneuver. Is the following possible: For my level six feat, I want to take Martial Stance to attain the Diamond Mind ...
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