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RISUS is a free complete setting-neutral beer-and-pretzels game with 30-second character creation and only 4 pages of rules. It is best suited to comedic one-shots, but there are rules for longer games.

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What good is "Pumping" a cliche?

In the core rules for Risus: The Anything RPG, one of the optional rules is "Pumping" -- this allows the player to temporarily add one die to the cliche he's using for a contest, at the cost of losing ...
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Converting this action resolution mechanic from total rolled to highest die rolled

Under a standard action resolution mechanic, a player rolls 3d6 and compares the total rolled to a Target Number (TN) assigned by the gamemaster, succeeding if the total meets or exceeds the TN. For ...
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What is the order of the Cliché choices in combat?

I'm attacking an enemy. Let's assume we both have several appropriate Clichés. Each combatant choose a Cliché and then make their roll: Attacks require rolls against character Clichés. What if my ...
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What is the six page Risus rulebook?

Across various sources on the internet I have seen references to a Risus rulebook that is six pages long. The core Risus rulebook currently available is four pages, and the Risus Companion is far ...
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How to declare cliches in Risus?

Risus has a very simple and appealing cliche-based resolution mechanism. I have never played it with someone who already knew it, and I would like to try it but I am unsure about the "proper" (or ...
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Can you pump while being part of a team?

One of the advanced options for Risus are the rules for Pumps (R:TARPG p. 4), allowing your to take a hit in order to roll more dice. But can you do this while part of a team (R:TARPG p. 3)? I ...
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How can I help my players grok Risus?

I've been trying to get a gaming group together for the past several years. All my players-to-be have never touched a tabletop role playing game in their lives, so I've decided to introduce them to ...
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Even simpler RISUS character generation

So, as it's the Christmas season, I'm spending time with family - specifically three cousins and my younger brother. I want to get them into an RPG, and RISUS fits the bill perfectly, as the oldest of ...
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Where can I find extensions for RISUS? [closed]

RISUS is an RPG system in 4 pages, completely setting-neutral and generally a good beer-and-pretzels game. However, I want to use it for more fleshed-out games. The core engine is good but I'd like to ...
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