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RMSS or the Rolemaster Standard System is a version of Rolemaster RPG by Iron Crown Enterprises. This tag includes the systems called RMSS and the system before it that are most similar; Rolemaster 1st Edition, and Rolemaster 2nd Edition, but not the version the immediately follows called Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying or RMFRP. This tag also includes the republishing of the Rolemaster rules under Rolemaster Classic.

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Can the Rolemaster 'Lofty Bridge' list spells be cast on unwilling targets?

Rolemaster's Spell Law has a spell list called "Lofty Bridge" (Spell Law 13.2, page 79). It is part of the 'closed essence' spell lists and allows the caster to move the 'target' over short ...
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How are activities determined?

I'm currently reading the RMSS to get familiar with the rules. Weapon Law and Black Ops are my new additions to Rolemaster at this moment. In RMSS p. 73, Section 18.0, it specifically talks about ...
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Equation to generate Rolemaster combat tables results

Rolemaster combat tables present very different results depending on armor type and weapon, but are those results generated by some type of equation or algorithm? Maybe a different equation/algorithm ...
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Tree-like abilities system for Rolemaster

One of the things I like less from Rolemaster is that all you know from one thing can't be applied to another, and, at the same time, you can not specialize in something. You either know One-handed ...
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Awarding Experience in RoleMaster

I want to smooth out some of the ways experience is earned in RM (original rules) as it seems a little unstable IMHO. Basically, you can get experience for killing, travelling, casting spells and ...
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Starting kit in RoleMaster during an unusual start

In RM players tend to start out with gear that they choose (or can afford to buy based on their wealth roll) to a limited degree and get rolls on the Special Items tables and what have you. I'm ...
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What are the differences between the first and second editions of Rolemaster?

I've been in the mood for some old school RPG love ala Rolemaster recently and discovered that there were some differences between the first and second editions of the game (I'm familiar with 3rd and ...
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