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For questions about the sixth edition of the fantasy RPG RuneQuest, published by The Design Mechanism in 2012. (For questions about RuneQuest as a whole, use the [runequest] tag.)

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Throw weapons from behind shield wall

In Mythras "Breaking the Habit" scenario, there's an opponent armed with javelins hanging back behind the shield wall formed by other four enemies. His tactics are, according to the scenario:...
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What is the income by profession and social class?

On pages 81–83 of RuneQuest 6 the social class and profession of a character are referenced several times as determining base downtime income. There is a Social Class table mentioned as well. But no ...
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9 votes
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Can a Teleport be one-way?

The description in RuneQuest 6 for the Sorcery spell Teleport says that it returns the target to its origin at the end of its duration. That seems not very useful for long-distance teleportation. ...
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