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Scion is a three-book modern fantasy RPG by White Wolf and Onyx Path. Players are mortal children of gods, and act as their agents in struggles against the Titans and other supernatural beings.

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Can you improve a 5-Dot Guide?

Specifically, a character I've made has taken Mara Secare (from Scion: Companion) as a 5-Dot Guide, mainly for story reasons. 5 is the maximum, so I can't just improve her by buying more dots, but is ...
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How does a Clinch affect DVs in Scion 1E?

Hero (pg 202) gives the stats for lots of weapons, including the three flavors of unarmed attack, which further includes the Clinch/grapple, the subject of this question. However, instead of listing a ...
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How to deal with Epic Dexterity?

I'm currently DMing a Scion group which is on Demigod-level now, and I have a problem with it. Characters that push Epic Dexterity are simply overpowered and I can only really damage them if I either ...
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Can you add your athletics score to defense multiple times?

Under "defensive do-over", it states that you can spend one legend point to add half your athletics score to your defense retroactively. Can you activate this multiple times on one attack until you ...
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How does the Damage Conversion knack work?

We're not quite sure how the Epic Stamina knack Damage Conversion works. Let's say I take 22 lethal damage from an attack, and I soak 11 lethal and 13 bashing. Do I: Spend a point of legend to ...
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Scion Underworlds in Geist's Cosmology

Does anyone have advice for combining the underworld rules from Scion and Geist without the mechanics bumping into each other? Like a botched exorcism opening to a gate to Scion's Mictlan, or a Geist ...
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Where to get prepared Characters for Scion?

I got invited to a game of Scion, a system I never played before. I got some 500mb of PDFs so "I can prepare my character the next vew days". Since I can´t tell if I´m going to like it to an extend ...
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Software to simulate battles for testing out house rules [closed]

I'm playing Scion with my group and we are quite dissatisfied with the combat system (esp. melee vs. gunfighting and rolling damage) and its interaction with specific powers and mechanics (hardness, ...
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How thin is "The Veil" in Scion?

In White Wolf, they commonly have something called "The Veil" – the 3.5th cubicle wall separating the characters from mundane society (i.e, the reason not to be overt with their powers). In Scion, ...
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How to use intelligence in Scion?

I wanted to know how to use or what is the point of intelligence in Scion? The Scion game I am playing in I have my character with high intelligence but have no idea what to use it for.
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