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Questions tagged [scion-2e]

for questions about the second edition of Scion, a modern fantasy RPG published by Onyx Path in 2019. For questions about the first edition see the [scion] tag.

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10 votes
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Purview, Marvel, Boons: What is "Motifs"?

I don't understand the concept of "motif" in Scion: Hero p236-237 For example: I'm a Scion of Ares, and I want to use a Marvel of my War Purview to "Bless" me for combat. As ...
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4 votes
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How many dots do you get for Paths in Trinity Continuum

So, the second editions of both Scion and the Trinity games use Onyx Path's new Storypath system, and I'm trying to wrap my head around the character creation, which is made a bit more difficult ...
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