Questions tagged [semi-diceless]

This tag is appropriate for questions where dice play a very limited role in the mechanics of an RPG, but still have some role.

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What is the term for a game where only the players roll the dice?

We've got questions about who should roll the dice and how or why a GM might give up rolling the dice. What is it called when that happens, though? Some people use semi-diceless to mean "only the ...
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Looking for a game that does not need anything but character sheets [closed]

I would like to run an RPG, but one of my players has a hard time sitting up for long periods of time. What sorts of games can I try running given that she needs to be lying in a hospital bed and ...
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Diceless Math driven RPG [closed]

Although many do not appreciate them, a really long time ago, I was thinking and drawing a diceless RPG system. There are already several notable diceless RPG systems, like the one listed here, but I'...
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What are the pros, cons, and hitches of having only the players roll dice?

I ran a variant of DnD3.5 a few years a go with this house rule Player Only Rolls. The basic of the idea was that the referee never rolls at all. The players roll to attack vers the creatures AC. They ...
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How can the GM go diceless in classic D&D?

For those unfamiliar with the concept semi-diceless gaming is only having the players roll the dice. It's used in Cinematic Unisystem and the old (and now free) game Legendary Lives. I'd like to ...
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