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The Serenity Role Playing Game is a science fiction role-playing game released in 2005 and set in the universe of the movie Serenity and television series Firefly. It is produced by Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd, and its mechanics are the first iteration of the Cortex System.

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In the Cortex system, what is a difficulty number?

I think I understand the concept of the Cortex system, adding the rolls for the skills together, and the Wikipedia page for the Cortex system says that I compare that roll to a difficulty number. In ...
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How does the Big Damn Heroes Handbook change the Serenity RPG?

Wikipedia says this about Serenity RPG Its mechanics are the first iteration of the Cortex System. Which got me thinking, is the Big Damn Heroes Handbook a complete rules update to the Cortex ...
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What Classic/Old-School Sci-Fi Adventures might adapt well to a Serenity Game?

I'm going to be running a one-shot Serenity game and I'm not sure if any of the published adventures fit what I want to do. I've thought about mining some older modules (e.g., Traveller), but I've ...
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Required set of books for Serenity RPG?

So we're thinking of playing the Serenity RPG. It seems that the main rulebook is Big Damn Heroes. Do we need any other books to get started? In particular, do we require something like the Cortex ...
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From Serenity through Battlestar Galactica to the Stand-Alone Rules for Cortex, what has been changed?

I get the impression that the Cortex RPG system has evolved in several directions since the release of the Serenity RPG. Not including genre-specific changes like whatever rules for the supernatural ...
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