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For questions about Shadowrun: Sixth World, an RPG published in 2019 by Catalyst Game Labs. It is the 6th edition of Shadowrun, a cyberpunk RPG where magic, cybernetics and virtual reality coexist. Player characters are known as shadowrunners. They act in the shadows and outside the law, doing the dirty work of the megacorporations and other powerful forces that control the Sixth World.

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When transitioning from SR5 to SR6, what are the main changes we have to consider?

My group played multiple SR5 runs spread out sporadically over the years, and we are all not experts of the system, so we thought that we might as well transition to SR6 for the next run. When ...
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What is the ranking of the Big Ten in 2080?

What is the ranking of the Big Ten in 2080, and how does it differ from what we had in sr5's Market Panic in 2078? The ranking then was: Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Saeder Krupp Renraku ...
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How should a GM go about handling a combat encounter against an enemy team of runners?

I have a group that is about to encounter another runner team in combat. They both want to do the same job and are going to be fighting for the package. The two thoughts I had were to make some of ...
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Does Essence loss still drain Resonance in 6th world?

In earlier editions, Technomancers avoided augmentation because essence loss cost them resonance, too. Reading through the 6th world core book, I can find no reference to this, although the example ...
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What is the difference in complexity between Shadowrun 3e and 6e?

My group have played Shadowrun 3e once, and we all agreed that this system is very realistic, but very complex. Too many options for our liking. We are considering options to switch edition, and as ...
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What how much damage does an unarmed melee attack deal?

We played the Shadowrun 6th world beginner set earlier this week and could not find the relevant damage anywhere in the included rulebook or tool cards. We do not have access yet to the full rules, so ...
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