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The third edition of the popular Cyberpunk/Fantasy mash-up Shadowrun was published in 1998. Third was the last edition before the major rules overhaul in 4th edition.

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What is the minimum setup for this Troll adept Grenade-thrower character?

Back in the late-90 Shadowrun 3 days, someone made a character that he told about repeatedly in the local game store 1. It was a Troll adept that would throw grenades. Instead of using the grenades ...
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Using pools outside of combat

Rules for Shadowrun 3e on page 43 states that: Dice pools initially become available for use at full value as the first step of the first Combat Turn of any encounter. I interpret it as pools being ...
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Small company owned by PC shadowrunners - which legal form it should be?

Intro: We are playing SR3 in Seattle, but all players and GMs are from Europe & not skilled in law, not mentioning USA/Shadowrun law. We are seeking for something somehow believable in USA/SR3 ...
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Need help remembering the name of an adventure (Shadowrun)

I played and later GMed this adventure sometime between 2000 to 2003 and we were playing a hybrid of Shadowrun 2 and Shadowrun 3 (not all the 3rd ed books were out yet). The adventure focused around a ...
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What is the difference in complexity between Shadowrun 3e and 6e?

My group have played Shadowrun 3e once, and we all agreed that this system is very realistic, but very complex. Too many options for our liking. We are considering options to switch edition, and as ...
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Is tag-along decking feasible?

In SR3, a well known problem revolves around deckers taking up a lot of time where other players cannot really contribute. Would it be wise or possible to have other characters jack in with standard ...
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What is necessary for a magician to be able to cast spells in space?

Related but wrong edition. It is supposed to be impossible to use magic in space. In-universe reports of sub-orbital flights where magicians attempted to do so ended up in death or madness. Also ...
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Does using an Adept Power need Activation or have a Cost?

It is not clear to me how to activate adept powers and what the activation costs are, in Third Edition of Shadowrun. The rulebook just has some fluff text (“the powers are a natural part of the adept“...
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What do I need for setting up a Shadowrun 3 character sheet on roll20?

I'm trying to set up a Shadowrun 3 game on Roll20, but they only have the Shadowrun 2 character sheet and macros. I'm not clear on everything Shadowrun 3 needs yet — am I able to get away with ...
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When do grenades explode?

On page 118 of the core book, it states that grenades go off "in the next Combat Phase of the character making the grenade attack". However, it does not specify if it goes off at the start, the end, ...
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What effect do tracer rounds have?

On page 117 of Shadowrun Third Edition, it states that tracer rounds can be mixed in with other ammunition types as a special exception. On page 280, it says they make it "easier to home in on the ...
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Dual-nature beings and attacks from astral plane

We are playing SR3 and I as GM have problems with mages and dual-nature beings (like ghouls) because the ghouls are vulnerable from astral, but cannot retaliate in projecting mage is not in their ...
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Tracking down an adept with facial sculpt

Is there any way for law enforcement to hunt down a wanted adept who can change his face at will? I have a player with a rather large bounty on his head, and a very powerful enemy (yeah, he made more ...
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Shadowrun character creation - why are elves so expensive?

Following the Shadowrun 3rd Edition priority system for creating characters the elf as well as the troll both require the C priority. The troll gets a net benefit of 8 points on physical and -4 on ...
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Is it unrealistic not to bring a decker / hacker to shadow runs?

I'm going to host a Shadowrun game soon (have played a bit before, ages ago). It is going to be a second RPG alongside our regular group so we want to keep the time to get into the matter very low. ...
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"Epic Level" Shadowrun

Recently I've run into an issue with my Shadowrun campaign for a number of reason, the most key of which is that my players have hit the 180-250 karma level where they've started to ascend to levels ...
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