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Shaken is a status used by many games to indicate being are rattled, distracted or momentarily shocked.

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Savage Worlds - Understanding the effects of Shaken

I'm just starting out with Savage Worlds and I'm running through the combat rules I had two humans ...
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If Shaken during your round, do you immediately roll to un-Shake?

Say that I withdraw from melee during my round and, as a result of the opponent's free attack on me, I become Shaken. Or alternatively, I become Shaken due to Backlash from Arcane Background: Magic. ...
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What are the ways I can help my ally recover from Shaken?

I did some math and realized that breaking out of Shaken when wounded is pretty hard. Since being Shaken essentially puts a character out of action possibly for several turns and there always aren't ...
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How does Savage Worlds Deluxe's change to the Shaken mechanic affect other parts of the system?

Pinnacle Entertainment Group recently revised the mechanics behind one of the key Savage Worlds Deluxe rules. The change relates to how the Shaken status works, and at first sight seems relatively ...
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How do Berzerk and Shaken interact?

If a character with the Berzerk edge takes damage and goes berzerk, they cannot perform any actions that require concentration. Is the Spirit test to recover from being Shaken considered to be a task ...
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What happens when you deal damage with a raise but the victim is already shaken?

Let's say a wild card foe gets shaken (either through damage or other means). Per the rules, if she gets "shaken again" through successful damage, she gets a wound instead (and remains shaken). What ...
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