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For questions about the skald, a hybrid class in Pathfinder and similar RPGs that combines a barbarian's rage with the artistic and inspirational abilities of a bard.

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How to fix Orm Shieldbreaker's build? [closed]

Spoilers for Giantslayer book 5: if you suspect you're one of my players, don't read further! Preamble ramble Anvil of Fire, the fifth installment of the Giantslayer original Adventure Path for ...
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Does a Skald's Raging Song prevent spellcasting?

This is the description of the Skald's Raging Song (Su) class feature: If a raging song affects allies, when the skald begins a raging song and at the start of each ally’s turn in which they can hear ...
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What to optimize a Skald for in such a party?

Our party I have formed a party to play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play with. It contains 7 players, including me. Me, a Conjuration School Savant Arcanist. I've just hit level 2 and am ...
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Does a Skald’s Raging Song qualify as a “similar ability” for the Pathfinder Chronicler’s Bardic Performance?

In terms of both description and flavor, the Skald’s Raging Song appears to function as a Bardic Performance, albeit with different effects. It is treated as Bardic Performance for the purpose of ...
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Does the Skald's rage power contradict itself?

A skald is a cross between barbarian and bard. They are able to give others (and themselves) a psudo-rage using a bard-like ability. Rage Powers - 3rd level At 3rd level and every 3 levels ...
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When a skald uses song of marching, do you include rage powers?

While working on a character that uses the Skald class I had a thought. The class is a combination of bard and barbarian, they use song to grant themselves and others rage. At 3rd level they gain the ...
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How can raging song be activated in less than a standard action before level 7?

At levels 1 through 7 the skald's supernatural ability raging song normally takes a standard action to start. Is there a way to start a raging song in less than a standard action before level 7, like ...
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