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For questions about solo RPGs, games with just one player and no game master (e.g. the Lone Wolf gamebooks).

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I'm trying to do a Charisma (Persuasion) check with no DC to compare it to!

Encounter with a Hollyfant I'm playing the DnD solo adventure "To Hell and Back Again" and there's no DC to compare my check Charisma (Persuasion) to. Here's the passage: Hi there! I’m Lulu,...
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How to handle a psychic damage roll

I’m playing a D&D solo adventure called "To Hell and Back Again", I've just had to roll a d10 for psychic damage, due to a 'trait' called 'fear of bony things'. I entered a vehicle which ...
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How do I know when to end a solo journaling game?

I picked up Dungeon Wordle from the Wordle Jam on, and I was really impressed. I've only 'played' for one day, I'm defeating the sun, so I can become darkness. I got Take the win, already. and ...
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Where is the treasure generation table mentioned in Buffalo Castle?

I have 7th edition of Tunnels and Trolls (30th anniversary edition) and I am playing the "Buffalo Castle" solo adventure. I defeated a wandering monster and rolled for treasure, which the ...
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Can you create a catlike humanoid player character?

I’m returning to D&D after a VERY long time, and will predominantly be playing solo. Can you create a character that is an animal? I’m thinking of a cat who is a wizard, possibly because of a ...
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Can you play D&D 5E online solo? [duplicate]

I'm new to D&D and not played before. I don't have friends who play the game and am wanting a way to start off on my own to learn the basics. Does anybody know of any way to play online solo? ...
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On a roll of 5, can the room be searched?

In Four Against Darkness, 'You may search an empty room...' (pg. 31), and on a roll of 5 on the Room Contents Table, the result is 'Empty. Roll on the Special Feature table.' Given the full stop, does ...
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Are there any easy known ways to play DnD 5e without other real people? [duplicate]

I love DnD 5e and do play it with my friends a lot, but of course I am not always right next to 3 or more other friends who happen to know how to play DnD (and if I am, I do not always have the time). ...
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A Completely solo Pathfinder game [closed]

I'm in need of a system that allows me to play a completely solo Pathfinder game. I've been searching for a while now, and most people either say: "You can't, play it with friends", or "you can", but ...
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How does getting lost work in Barbarian Prince?

I am trying to get into DwarfStar Games -- Barbarian Prince, and am trying to understand the movement rules from the Rule book For my daily action (r203) I can move to another hex (r204). r204 ...
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How do I handle Lore and Discern Realities Rolls while playing with a GM Emulator?

It seems like sort of an oddity to ask about solo play, but I haven't been able to play with my group and I'm itching to try some good Dungeon World action. Hoewever, I have a big problem: how am I ...
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Is it possible to play D&D 5e solo?

Is it at all possible to run a solo game where you act as the DM/GM for yourself? I know there was a 4th edition adventure published in an old issue of one of the D&D magazines but recently I read ...
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Can I play D&D 4e solo? [duplicate]

I have played Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition for a long time now, and I am sorry to see it go. I liked the complexity of it, where as 5e is really based on quickly getting through encounters. Is ...
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Roleplaying play-by-post game for one [closed]

I spent quite some time trying to come up with such concept. By play-by-post I mean some kind of game of fiction, in writing. For the single person. What I'm looking for is some set of rules so that ...
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How to play a published adventure solo?

I have an adventure module that I want to play through but can't convince anyone to play with me (or our schedules don't line up right). I know I can use the Mythic GM Emulator to simulate a GM, but I ...
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What is usually listed as evidence that RPGs are inherently a 2+ person activity? [closed]

I often see some people in the table top RPG claim that RPGs are inherently social. As such, the claim is used to invalidate the existence of solitaire rpg'ing, computer RPGs as "real rpgs", etc. I ...
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Single player RP/card games [duplicate]

Are there single player RP or old-style card games that have an RP or old strategy adventure feel? I'm looking for something to play on my own, be it a game from the dark ages, a single-player card ...
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looking for advice on miniatures and RPG [duplicate]

can anybody offer any advice on what path to follow for solo playing games. I have been looking at different aspects of gaming. I have looked at a lot of board games and have recently bought Arkham ...
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Single player games suitable for session preparation

I found a demo version of How to Host a Dungeon, and somehow the idea really grew on me. Not just creating dungeons, but actually having methods of making gm prep work into a game. I haven't seen ...
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How do I get started playing Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition by myself?

I've been wanting to start playing D&D for some time, and I was wondering how I could get started by myself with relative ease. I own the first two player handbooks, and a set of dice.
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Single Player Games [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Do solo, non-computer, RPG's exist, and if yes, which are good? Are there any single player RPGs?
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Looking for solo (one person) RPGs - do they exist? [closed]

I am looking to find out if solo RPGs exist, and which you'd recommend. I do not mean "one-on-one" 1 player + 1 GM games. I really mean "1 person." Update: After receiving two (fine, up-voted) ...