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Questions tagged [spelljammer]

For questions about Spelljammer, a fantasy-space setting first published in 1989 for AD&D 2e. It introduces the concept of the Crystal Spheres (which enclose various other game settings) and the Wildspace within which they exist, unifying these settings in the same universe and allowing travel between them. It maintains a fantasy theme, having more of the feel of traditional sea-going vessels but in the void of space.

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5 votes
3 answers

What is the current state of affairs of SpellJammer?

Is there an expectation of anything happing with it in the future?
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20 votes
9 answers

Can you use a Spelljammer ship to get to Krynn?

Following on from this (can-you-use-a-spelljammer-ship-to-get-to-ravenloft) question, I seem to remember that Krynn is similarly impossible to get to, mainly for plot reasons since no character on ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Can a siege weapon "see" its target?

In another question, I was considering the mechanics of siege weaponry (and Spelljammer's ship-to-ship weapons, more to the point). I considered use of the faerie fire spell as a way to gain advantage ...
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31 votes
7 answers

Do gods need to be worshiped?

I am working on my first homebrew setting using a spelljammer sort of cosmology, and I have run into some confusion. So far, my understanding is that gods in D&D only exist where they have ...
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28 votes
6 answers

Can you use a Spelljammer ship to get to Ravenloft?

This is an insane question, I know. But it's one that's been bugging me for at least half my 33-year life. :) I love both the Spelljammer and Ravenloft settings of AD&D 2nd Edition. One of the ...
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12 votes
4 answers

How can I convert 2nd Edition AD&D to 4th?

I grew up on second edition AD&D. I played some first edition, and frankly found most 1st edition add-ons to be highly compatible with 2nd Edition. However, I'm a huge fan of Ravenloft, ...
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