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For questions about specific manifestations of magic that we generically call "spells." Use the [magic] tag for more generic questions about magic, and [spellcasting] for questions specifically about the process of spellcasting.

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What is "Pledge" in Magitech Chronicles RPG

Recently I acquired the Magitech Chronicles RPG book and I'm really confused what Pledge spellpool means, I searched all around the book and there is no clear explanation. See, some spells have a cost,...
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What happens when you cast the same spell on the same target twice?

I cannot find any rules text that states what happens if you apply two spells to the same target that would then overlap in effect - e.g., let us presume two spells of Weight Increment (Earth 10) are ...
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How can I add castable magic spells to Mouse Guard?

In How can we add magic to the game? Glazius comprehensively covers most magic systems and how to add them to Mouse Guard, at the end they give the option Not A Dodge: Actual Magic Systems ..but this ...
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What are the spells that have a target other than self (and a target entry) for Ocular spell eligibility that aren’t already touch/rays?

I asked the question Does Ocular spell make every eligible damage spells have a critical chance since it becomes a ranged touch attack (ray)? and I realized it was a bit hard to find spells that were ...
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How many spell-bearing items can you activate in a turn?

In the Prometheum Exxet, there are two means of creating an item that can cast a spell: Items with the Automatic Spells power, which require no Zeon and have to recharge, and items with the ...
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How can a Psionic Manifester get full Bab reliably

I’m currently trying to make a Talshatora Monk/Erudite multiclass work, partially as a challenge and partially because I want to play a psionic Gish. The issue is that, under the constraints i’m ...
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