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Splittermond is a German fantasy-RPG that plays on the continent Lorakis which is similar in size and climate to medieval Eurasia. It is published by Uhrwerk-Verlag.

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Is there an option to circumvent creating an entry in the character advancement log in Genesis 6.1.2 when creating a hero rank >1 character?

When creating Splittermond player characters with Genesis 6.1.2, how do I create characters with a higher hero rank than 1? Currently, it looks like I have to create an event after regular hero rank 1 ...
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How can we make combat with slow weapons more satisfactory?

I have been in the following situation as a player in the past and now as a GM I have a player facing the same problem: The Character in question is using a weapon with a relatively high WGS of 12. ...
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Player has trouble imagining the ingame situation

The Situation I have been a GM for a few years on and off, for at least half a dozen of groups with at least 20 different players and have played my fair share of systems. A few weeks ago my ...
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Handling fights with many combatants and constantly changing initiative values

How can I handle many different initiative values in a non-standard initiative system? This is a problem that came up in a recent (Roll20) session of the German RPG "Splittermond". Splittermond uses ...
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