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For questions relating to the "Star Trek Adventures" role-playing game, first published in 2017 by Modiphius Entertainment Ltd.

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What notable differences from D&D 5e should I pay attention to so I can most effectively learn and teach Star Trek Adventures?

I have been GMing D&D 5e for almost two years now and have two consistent groups ongoing. As a Christmas gift, I will be running a game using the Star Trek Adventures game system for someone. I ...
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Are there roles for non-bridge crew characters?

I am helping to develop a campaign for Star Trek Adventures. This campaign would focus on several new recruits on their first assignment (all ensign or non-commissioned). None of them would be bridge ...
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Are there any stats for the NX-class starship?

Are there any stats for the NX-class ship? And if so, where? After looking, I didn't find any, but I am sure I've seen them printed somewhere before.
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How does range affect ranged attack difficulty modifiers?

The standard difficulty for a ranged attack in Star Trek Adventures is 2. Is this modified as the range to the target increases?
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If spending momentum to activate the Jury-Rigging talent for additional scenes, can it be spent as scenes progress?

JURY-RIG REQUIREMENT: Engineering 4+ Whenever you attempt an Engineering Task to perform repairs, you may reduce the Difficulty by two, to a minimum of 0. If you do this, however, then the ...
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What does the High Yield weapon quality mean?

In the Core Rulebook, several torpedo-type weapons reference the High Yield quality, but this isn't listed in the Qualities on p179. What does High Yield mean?
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How can I avoid plot pitfalls that are common to the Star Trek franchise?

We are about to start a Star Trek campaign and I'd like some suggestions on avoiding the obvious plot pitfalls that exist in canon Star Trek. I want the players to think through the plot points and ...
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