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For questions about the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, a d20 System RPG written by Bill Slavicsek, Andy Collins and J. D. Wiker. It was originally published by Wizards of the Coast in 2000, and a revised edition was released in 2002. The Saga Edition released in 2007 made substantial changes to streamline the rules; for questions about Saga Edition, use the [star-wars-saga-edition] tag.

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Where does this force skill bonus come from?

I’m taking like 10 years of dirt of an old PC from Star Wars d20 and found that my PC has a bonus to all force skills. This bonus is based on the jedi guardian level * 1/3 plus the jedi master level * ...
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How can I keep my players motivated?

I am running a Star Wars (d20) campaign in which the players are playing as a group of smugglers. Originally, I was going to use debt as a motivator, and I gave them 350k credits of it (mostly for ...
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What are the guidelines for making up a homebrewed weapon?

I'm playing a Star Wars D20 campaign, playing a level 8 Jedi in the post–Order 66 context. I'm using the lightsaber provided by the Jedi Order, but I'm planning to modify it to make my own saber. That'...
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How much does a holocron weigh?

Despite every D20 flavor of the Star Wars RPG dedicating several pages throughout multiple books to the subject of holocrons, not a single one of them appears to mention their weight. My gaming group ...
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Does using a dual-bladed weapon count as Two-Weapon Fighting?

This is a little roundabout... I started playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (not the MMO) out of nostalgia, and I noticed for the first time that it's actually based on a D20 system - in ...
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What are the Differences Between the Original and Revised Versions of Star Wars d20?

While we have a question about the differences between Star Wars d20 Revised and Saga Editions, I'm wondering what the differences are between the original version and the Revised version. Furthermore,...
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What are the mechanical differences between Star Wars Revised Edition and Star Wars Saga Edition?

What are the mechanical differences between Star Wars Revised Edition and Star Wars Saga Edition? Are there any benefits in playing one over the other?
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d20 Star Wars (RE) imperial classes?

Which of the d20 Star Wars Revised Edition (not Saga!) books offered playable Imperial (prestige) classes (if any)? If none, which pre-RE ones are worth looking into? Edit: I've added the 'prestige' ...
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