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Questions tagged [steampunk]

A sub-genre of science fiction that applies technological capabilities and aesthetics of the 20th century to an alternate-history 19th century, usually powered by steam. Generally set in Victorian Britain/Europe or in the American West.

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How can I reskin the Headband of the Ninjitsu for a steampunk campaign? [closed]

My DM is running a steampunk Pathfinder campaign, and he's banned strictly magical objects and weapons. However, he has said that if we can reskin it to fit within the world (i.e. a wand is more akin ...
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Stop PCs from Killing a Town / Running Amok?

So hear me out, because this is probably one of the craziest things that's ever happened in one of my campaigns. I'll also need to give general backstory, so that there's context. Quick exposition: ...
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How much to charge for fictional substances in Victorian England? [closed]

I'm working on a little steampunk setting, which incorporates a lot of the elements of Victorian England. One of the similarities is the economy, in that prices and wages in this world are fairly ...
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Small-Scale Steampunk LARP for beginners [closed]

I am looking for a LARP rules set that allows me to run a relatively small (in the order of magnitude of 20–25 people) game with the following parameters: It works with a steam punk aesthetic. It ...
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Examples of "High Technology" Monsters/Traps in D&D

In my home-spun campaign, players are about to discover the ruins of an ancient city. Long ago, there was a civilization with an advanced level of technology, which is now dead. I'm thinking of ...
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Replicating Modern Technology using Magic-Punk [closed]

This is generally a system-agnostic question, as I'm trying to build a feel for my world, and I can add to it whatever rules I need to later. The world is a 1930s setting, very pulp/noir/steampunk-...
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Any good steampunk material for d20? [closed]

The DM of my current Friday night game is running a steampunk-setting, using the Pathfinder rules system. We have two artificers in the party, but my feeling is that all of our material is fantasy and ...
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