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Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game is a 1994 RPG that uses White Wolf's Storyteller system.

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Are there rules to create new special maneuvers?

I have not found rules for creating new special maneuvers in Street Fighter RPG. Is there an official book that has rules for this?
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2 answers

How is Movement affected when Aborting?

When you choose to Abort to a different maneuver, how does your Movement value change? Some maneuvers can be used to Abort, allowing you to replace whatever other maneuver you played for the turn ...
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6 votes
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In Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, can I take my "move action" during any part of my turn?

It doesn't get simpler than that. Can I attack and then move? Or do I have to move before using my attack maneuver? I can't find a single phrase in the book that makes it clear.
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