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Questions tagged [stunts]

Questions about special traits that change what a character can achive using their skills or attacks. Mostly used for the FATE family of RPGs, also used for combat stunts in Green Ronin's AGE RPG.

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6 votes
2 answers

What is the difference between Aspect Permissions and Stunts when it comes to determining what you can or can't do in a given situation?

In Fate, what is the difference between Aspect Permissions and Stunts when it comes to determining what you can or can't do in a given situation? For example, the supplement "Super-Powered Fate&...
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2 answers

How can I practice making Fate stunts that replicate combining abilities like in other roleplaying systems?

One thing I notice about games like D&D 5e (and to a much greater extent 4e) is that because it works in a sort of building block system of adding feats and class abilities together you can build ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to balance a stunt that substitutes rapport for deceive

In my fate core campaign, one of my players keeps trying to use rapport for situations where I call for deceive rolls. He's not saying "I want to roll a rapport check", but he words his actions in ...
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Why are some of the Stunts in The Expanse RPG labelled 'Core'?

The system for The Expanse is the AGE system, so I'm hoping someone with another game which uses AGE can answer this. Neither The Expanse core rules nor the Blue Rose RPG have any rules about it! In ...
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How can I calculate the expected number of stunt points per attack?

If I hit on a 3, the Dragon Dice can show anything, the chance of getting a double is 44.44%, so on average it is 1.55 (3.5 * 0.44) Stunt Point per attack. If I hit only on a 18, the Dragon Dice can ...
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10 votes
1 answer

What makes Aspect ↔ Boost conversion Stunts worthwhile?

There are multiple Stunts that, under certain conditions, either convert a Boost to an Aspect, or an Aspect to a Boost (usually without changing the number of free Invocations). Now, I know that ...
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9 votes
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What are good guidelines and principles for designing and balancing superpower stunts in FATE Core?

I want to make a stronger focus on the F in FATE1 in my future campaigns, and that means I'm expecting said campaigns to involve what I usually see broadly referred to as special or superhuman ...
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2 votes
1 answer

creating stunts to improve the effect of declartions or manuvers?

I want a character that is focused more on non-combat skills, but in combat focuses on indirectly helping via maneuvers and/or declarations with little ability to do direct damage. Since I want this ...
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3 answers

Why is this stunt from It's Not My Fault not horribly broken?

I just played "It's Not My Fault", which is a character and situation generator for Fate Accelerated. One of my players got the Swashbuckler card, which grants this stunt: Three Against One?: When ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How do Atomic Robo SRD Megastunts interact with Refresh?

The Atomic Robo SRD have recently become available, and one of the rules included in there is the Mega-Stunts one. The SRD contains a short discussion on how these special stunts interact with fate ...
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