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Questions about duration of an effect or spell over several rounds, mostly for D&D 4e, where Sustained durations of powers are a rules mechanism.

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Can you Sustain Spells/Activations from maze or other extradimensions?

In my most recent game of P2e, my spellcaster used a summon fey spell to bring forth an ally with a small chance of doing a ton of damage. The enemy spellcaster's response was to cast maze on me. (I'm ...
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Can you use a Sustain action on the same turn you cast it?

Many spells in DnD 4e take a Standard action to cast, and then have a Sustain Minor for additional effects (e.g. Crown of Madness, Bigby's Icy Grasp). Is it possible to cast the spell as a Standard ...
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Sustaining a spell with an instantaneous effect

I'm having a problem understanding the Evil Eye witch hex. Its effect is pretty straightforward. Your fix your eye on the target, imposing a malevolent hex. The target becomes frightened based on the ...
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When does the target become "out of range" for Witch Bolt?

I am referring here to the Sustain Standard of the Witch Bolt power (Wizard). Sustain Standard: Reroll the damage and deal it to the target again. Once the target is out of range, you can't sustain ...
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Can Flaming Sphere attack each turn?

I have a question as to the sustaining of Flaming Sphere. I know that it only needs to be sustained once, but in the Sustain Minor effet, it reads: "You can sustain this power until the end of the ...
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Can a gnome use Greater Mage Hand to fly?

Let's say I were to create a level 5 gnome sorcerer, and they happened to pick Greater Mage Hand as a spell. Since I get to set the weight of the character, let's say they're 35 pounds, and less than ...
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What are the requirements for sustaining a zone?

I am playing a new character that uses a lot of sustained zones, and I'd like to understand exactly how they work. In the compendium for "Sustained Durations" the only restriction it lists is: The ...
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Does the damage caused by Wall of Fire get the implement bonus when a creature walks into it?

Our wizard cast a Wall Of Fire which is an implement power. Does the damage that is caused when a creature starts their turn adjacent to or in the wall of fire get to add the implement's enhancement ...
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Sustaining a power and readied actions: what happens?

This came up today at our gaming session. I was sustaining a Wall of Fire with my minor actions. The enemy was out of sight and I readied an action to Thunderwave them into the Wall of Fire if they ...
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