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For questions on the swashbuckler archetype or class, typically a a swaggering or daring soldier or adventurer skilled in swordplay.

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Can a Swashbuckler use Confident Finisher in Crane Stance?

In Crane Stance you can only use Crane Wing: but the only Strikes you can make are crane wing attacks. These deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage; are in the brawling group; and have the agile, finesse, ...
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Can you have more than 1 panache point at a time?

I want to play a swashbuckler, and I saw the Gymnast and Tumbling Opportunist feats where you can tumble through and then trip as a free action. Do you get to keep the panache points from both?
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Does a PF2 Swashbuckler lose panache if they go down?

If a swashbuckler with panache falls to 0 hp, do they lose panache? I can't find anything in the swashbuckler description that directly addresses it, but thematically it sure makes sense -- hard to ...
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Does Focused Fascination stop working immediately?

A Battledancer Swashbuckler can have Fascinating Performance and Focused Fascination at level 1. In short, Fascinating Performance allows them to Fascinate a target when they make a Perform check, and ...
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Precise Strike with thrown weapon

Swashbucklers have limitation on using Precise Strike: When you have panache and you Strike with an agile or finesse melee weapon or agile or finesse unarmed attack, you deal 2 additional precision ...
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PF1 Swashbuckler in pcgen

I'm creating a PF1 Human Swashbuckler. As a class ability, he gets "Swashbuckler Finesse", which allows him to use Finesse on single-handed as well as light melee weapons. I equip him with a ...
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Is the Aldori Dueling Sword viable as a Swashbuckler weapon?

So, the title question sort of says it all. I just need some clarification. The wording for the Swashbucklers Panache ability specifically states several times that in order to regain Panache you must ...
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How much damage for Eternal Confidence via an Opportune Riposte?

Swashbuckler's Eternal Confidence (scroll to bottom of prior link) gives the Confident Finisher failure effect to Opportune Ripostes. But how much of the Precise Strike damage is done? Confident ...
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