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Questions tagged [tabaxi]

For questions about the tabaxi, a race of catlike humanoids from Dungeons & Dragons and related RPGs. They initially appeared as NPCs in AD&D 1e and again in 2e, but did not appear as a playable race until D&D 5e. Tabaxi are typically depicted as a reclusive race native to tropical/subtropical jungles; in the Forgotten Realms, they are native to Maztica. (For questions about the human tribe of the same name native to Chult, use the [human] tag instead.)

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15 votes
2 answers

How does a Tabaxi or Tortle Monk's claws affect monk unarmed attack damage?

Do the claws of Tabaxi and Tortles change the unarmed attacks of monk to slashing damage, or is the damage separate? Does the unarmed slashing damage increase with the monk's level, as described on ...
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3 answers

Does teleportation count as movement for a Tabaxi's Feline Agility trait?

A Tabaxi, after using his Feline Agility trait to double his movement speed for a turn, must then move 0 feet on a subsequent turn in order for his trait to recharge. If the Tabaxi teleports, does it ...
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15 votes
3 answers

What happened in Maztica to make Tabaxi emigrate?

I am currently playing a Tabaxi Druid, Circle of the Moon. I wanted to flesh out his backstory, so I read up on them in Volo's Guide to Monsters. In a box on page 113, it said: In the Forgotten ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Do Tabaxi regain the use of their Feline Agility trait if they get up from being knocked prone but don't move to a different space?

If a Tabaxi PC is knocked prone and then uses their turn to get up without moving anywhere else, does that let them refresh their Feline Agility racial ability? Getting up uses half their movement ...
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Is there a way to increase the damage done by the claw attack for a Tabaxi?

Is there a way to increase the damage taken by tabaxi's claws? For example, increasing the die number/number of dice or something of the sort?
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6 votes
1 answer

What is known about tabaxi language and terminology, particularly the word "tabaxi" and the name of the Cat Lord?

According to this Dragon+ article, the term tabaxi originates with the race of cat people (at least in the Forgotten Realms setting as of D&D 5th edition): Tabaxi with a capital T is the ...
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New to D&D, a little unsure about character creation stats

So, I just recently started playing D&D5e a few days ago. I have created my own character but I'm a bit confused about how certain stats are calculated, and what path to go down with my character. ...
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