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Is it true that "more taint-absorbing items = less protection against taint"?

In a campaign in which I play, our DM is using 'taint' rules. Seeking to protect myself against taint, I found about taint absorbing items. The SRD has this to say about them: Some natural ...
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How can I shapechange as an evil Tainted Sorcerer without dying?

My PG is a Tainted Sorcerer with high taint score and I have the evil subtype, so this does not kill me. If I cast Shapechange I would lose my evil subtype and I would die unless I choose a monster ...
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Interaction Taint and Pestilence Domain

So my Cleric has been tainted and has now 2 points of taint. Looking up the rules I discovered taint can be partially removed by the spell remove disease. So I guess taint is considered some kind of ...
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