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Tales from the Floating Vagabond (TftFV) is a humorous RPG written by Lee Garvin and published by Avalon Hill in 1991. The setting is a bar called the Floating Vagabond, which has patrons from just about any genre you can imagine. The game is designed to be a beer and pretzels RPG -- easy to play for a night and put aside.

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I am completely new to Tales from the Floating Vagabond, how do I get started?

One of my tables has decided that it is time for a one-shot. We wrote a list of systems that look interesting, but we haven't played, and I got to roll. The dice decided that it is going to be Tales ...
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To document house rules, or no?

Or, how much documentation should your "campaign world" provide? This is a fairly generic (and subjective) question, but there is a genuine purpose behind it: I have a set of "house rules" for Tales ...
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Choosing between Tales From the Floating Vagabond and Paranoia for a "one-shot." [closed]

I'm in a group now, headed by a very (very) capable DM. We've been playing a very solid, very serious D&D campaign in an awesome setting entirely of his creation. However, some of the players have ...
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Has Tales From the Floating Vagabond Been Re-released?

Or better yet, has Tales From the Floating Vagabond been updated any time since it debuted in the early 1990s? (For those unfamiliar, it was a fairly small entirely humor-driven game. Imagine The 3 ...
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