Questions tagged [teenagers]

For questions about issues teenagers tend to face in tabletop gaming. (Do not use this tag for issues simply relating to teenage characters in a game world. If you're asking about issues relating to pre-teen kids who play tabletop games, use the [tag:kids] tag instead.)

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4 votes
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LARPing with the Kids

I was on a few LARPs so far, but usually, all people present are pretty much 18 or older, so you are LARPing with adults playing adult roles in an adult environment. However, in an offshoot of the ...
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Is there an age requirement to play in Adventurers League?

The people in my local D&D Adventurers League are all grown men who say I am too young to join, even though I am 13. Is that true? Is there a minimum age to play in AL games?
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68 votes
6 answers

What can I do about the guys being distracted by a new girl in D&D group?

We recently got a new party member, and she is ... well, extremely distracting if you catch my drift. As the DM it is frustrating, because all the guys are trying to flirt with her, and shower her ...
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How do you reassure a parent who is worried about RPGs being unhealthy for their children?

Are there any constructive steps fellow players and GMs can take when a high-school age player's parents express concern at their roleplaying game hobby? Assume the player is a healthy creative ...
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