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The Riddle of Steel (TROS)

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Why target any zone but the head (V or XIII)?

As far as I can tell, in Riddle of Steel the only consequence of your choice of target zone is that the locations in the zone may have armor, and the effect of the damage if you succeed. Damage ...
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Improving “fumbles” when using pools dice in TROS, part 2

(Thank you all so much for your help on my last post! I appreciate the explanations, graphs and suggestions given. As I continue to experiment with my homebrew variant, I do a lot of probability ...
9 votes
3 answers

Improving "fumbles" when using pools of d10s in TROS

The original rules in TROS use varying pools of d10s to attempt rolling one or more successes against a varying Target Number (e.g., commonly a TN=7). Roll the pool of dice, count up the successes ...
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Can I React to a Missile Attack While in Melee Combat?

I'm a little confused about how ranged weapons work in the Riddle of Steel in terms of the timing. Let's say Bob and Jon are dueling with melee weapons. As per the normal rules, whoever is the ...
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3 answers

How to reveal initiative dice simultaneously online?

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to phrase this. I'm going to run an online game of Riddle of Steel. Part of its combat mechanic is that at the beginning of a round, each player picks either a red ...
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How many spears can fit in one pincushion

In The Riddle of Steel on page 77 it notes that the maximum number of combatants that can surround a single opponent is three, except "groups of spearmen and the like, who may gather tightly together ...
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2 answers

What's the advantage to kicking instead of punching?

I can understand that, situationally, there are reasons one might want to punch instead of kick or vice versa. But what mechanical advantage is there to kicking instead of punching, if any? It seems ...