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Questions tagged [theatre-of-the-mind]

For questions about "theater of the mind" (TOTM) gameplay. In TOTM play, the DM uses verbal descriptions to define spatial relationships between characters and the game environment, especially to describe combat in this fashion rather than using drawings, miniatures, or other visual means.

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86 votes
7 answers

D&D 5e and "Theatre of the Mind" in combat

Our target play style for combat encounters would be to use battle boards roughly half the time (when there is enough of interest in play that the tactics are fun to play out), and to skip that with ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How can a DM run D&D 4e combat as theater of the mind rather than a grid?

I am DMing a new 4e group, and I am interested in approaching the game as a "theater of the mind" style combat rather than the traditional grid format. We are locked into doing D&D 4e because of ...
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40 votes
16 answers

Narrative Combat versus Use of Miniatures

When I first started playing D&D, my DM did not use battlemaps or miniatures to describe combat. Everything was described to us, and questions to the DM were part and parcel of the experience, ...
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24 votes
5 answers

How to reduce minis dependence in d20-based games?

In Pathfinder and similar versions of D&D, there is a lot more miniatures/tactical map dependence than in earlier versions (and in most other RPGs). I am interested in reducing the dependence on ...
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24 votes
10 answers

Is it possible to run Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition without a battlemap?

The push, pull, and slide mechanics immediately come to mind as being difficult to track accurately without a battlemap. Auras are another. Has anyone come up with a simple solution to narrating ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Movement optimised PCs in theatre of the mind

Our group has recently started a campaign and we’ve decided to go gridless for the first time. It has been going really well but one issue that has popped up has been how we handle characters that are ...
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