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For questions about throwing weapons (and other things), especially the system mechanics thereof. Best used when throwing is foundational, rather than incidental, to a question.

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Are all weapons with the "Thrown" property considered a "Ranged Weapon" for the purpose of sharpshooter?

For example a Dagger is listed in the "Melee" section of the weapons list, but has the "light", "Finesse" and "Thrown" properties. If I throw the dagger (assume ...
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Does Dueling Fighting Style apply to thrown weapons?

PHB p. 72 (and others) Dueling When you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon. PHB p.147 Thrown. If a weapon ...
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Are you still two-weapon fighting if you've thrown one of your two weapons and are no longer holding it?

In this question we see that two-weapon fighting with darts is not possible because they are not melee weapons. Let's replace the darts in that scenario with daggers, which are valid light melee ...
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Can You Two-Weapon Fight With Thrown Ranged Weapons?

A spin-off question from an earlier post, can you two-weapon fight with a dart or other thrown ranged weapons? Two-Weapon Fighting When you take the Attack action and attack with a light melee ...
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Can one PC throw another?

For example, if there is a lava river surrounding a castle. There is a drawbridge that can be lowered, but the lever is on the other side. PCs couldn't find a hidden passageway,either because PCs ...
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Does the Thrown property mean I can attack with my DEX?

On page 194 in the PHB for D&D 5e, it says: The ability modifier used for melee weapon attack is Strength, and the ability modifier used for ranged weapon attack is Dexterity. Weapons that ...
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Can you throw more than one weapon per turn?

How do thrown weapons interact with the Extra Attack feature? Can you throw more than one weapon per turn? How about two-weapon fighting? Do you need the Dual-Wielder feat to throw two weapons ...
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How can you build an effective character based on thrown weapons?

I am trying to think of good ways to build an effective D&D 5e character whose strong point is with thrown weapons. The hangup seems to be drawing them fast enough. Thrown weapons seem to be ...
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Can a rogue use sneak attack with weapons that have the thrown property even if they are not thrown?

For weapons like the spear that have the Thrown property, can a Rogue use sneak attack with them? Thrown is considered a ranged attack and Sneak Attack specifies that "The attack must use a finesse or ...
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Can a paladin use the Divine Smite feature with a thrown weapon?

A paladin's divine smite says (PHB. 85), "...when you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack...", which I'm seeing two ways to interpret. "A melee attack with a weapon", so as long as it's a ...
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If a net is 10×10, can it hit four medium creatures, by RAW?

This whole question assumes that the canonical Net weapon used for immobilizing a Large creature, is 10ft across; if your answer is based on a presumption that a net weapon isn't 10ft across, please ...
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When throwing a melee weapon without the thrown property is the proficiency bonus still added to the attack?

The rules for improvised weapons state that you can throw a melee weapon even if it does not have the thrown property for 1d4 damage: If a character uses a ranged weapon to make a melee attack, or ...
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How to make a handaxe return to my hand after being thrown?

I'm playing D&D 5e and my character is a dwarf fighter. He has two throwable handaxes, and I thought it would be really cool if they could come back to me just after throwing them on someone (like ...
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How many actions or attacks are involved in picking up and throwing a creature?

Let's say my Minotaur ally decided during a brawl to grapple with the nearest brigand, pick him up over his head (or maybe just throw him from a standing position), and chuck him as far as his beefy (...
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Is this homebrew "Throwing Weapons Master" feat balanced?

I'm trying to create a Fighter/Warlock character based on Kratos in the newest God of War game, who wields a two-handed axe which he can throw and summon back to his hands. Pact of the Blade Warlock ...
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Can you make a Melee Weapon Attack with a Net?

A thrown melee weapon is considered a ranged attack. However, the Net has a throwing range, is listed as a Martial Ranged Weapon, but doesn't inherently state that it requires you to throw the net in ...
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What would I roll if I were to throw a dwarf/gnome at someone?

What would I roll if I were to throw a dwarf/gnome at someone? Let's say I have 20 STR and 13 DEX, and I'm throwing a gnome at someone 30 ft away. Would it count as fall damage (by which I mean fall ...
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Is there an official 5e equivalent of the the Blinkback Belt from Pathfinder?

I have been playing around with an idea for a dagger-throwing character in 5e. I was wondering if there was an official version of the Blinkback Belt from Pathfinder. I feel that it could be an ...
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Can thrown weapons be used for the Hunter ranger's Volley feature?

Can thrown weapons be used for the Hunter ranger's Volley feature? Two people who DM for me say that the Hunter ranger's Volley feature, gained at 11th level, can't be used with thrown weapons, since ...
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Can you throw a hand axe upwards over a wall and into a group of enemies?

Can a player character throw a hand-axe upwards over a wall, into an enemy group that is on the opposite side of the wall? If so, what penalties would apply?
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Could a Dragon use an unconscious PC as a thrown weapon?

I like to ground my games with a cinematic scope and my players may come up against a dragon pretty soon. The dragons are very much feral and evil and so I am looking to show their feral nature. If a ...
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Are thrown Magic Stones thrown weapons for the purposes of Thrown Weapon Fighting Style?

Magic Stone says: "You or someone else can make a ranged spell attack with one of the pebbles by throwing it or hurling it with a sling. If thrown, it has a range of 60 feet. If someone else ...
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Which Action is required to throw Alchemist's Fire?

The Alchemist's Fire item description states the following (PHB, p. 148): This sticky, adhesive fluid ignites when exposed to air. As an action, you can throw this flask up to 20 feet, shattering it ...
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Can the Mage Hand cantrip block or catch a thrown object?

Specifically, if someone lobs a bead from a Necklace of Fireballs, can Mage Hand block or catch the bead before it reaches the target?
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How would one throw an unwilling creature?

My bugbear barbarian, who can lift about double the weight of a wolf, wanted to throw the wolf at a second wolf. How would we go about doing that given existing rules options?
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Does the spell Lead Blades work with thrown melee weapons?

Does the spell lead blades work on melee weapons that are being thrown? Does the damage increase still function from the throw? So for throwing axes, which are both a melee weapon and one that can ...
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Does thunderous throw permit iterative attacks with two-handed thrown weapons?

The Player's Handbook on Thrown Weapons says, "Throwing a light or one-handed weapon is a standard action, while throwing a two-handed weapon is a full-round action" (113). The prestige class ...
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Can you draw and throw multiple daggers in a turn? [duplicate]

Say I can attack 3 times. I want to throw 3 daggers, but I haven't drawn any yet. Are my Action choices really "draw and throw 1 dagger" OR "draw 2 daggers"? You can't draw and ...
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What ability modifier do I use to chuck a dead goblin?

I know I can use a dead goblin as an improvised weapon (and I'm just using the goblin as example of such) and that if I use it in melee I use my Strength for the attack. I also know that when ...
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Can a giant that takes Quick Draw make iterative attacks with thrown rocks?

Giants typically have the extraordinary ability rock throwing: A giant of at least Large size can hurl rocks weighing 40 to 50 pounds each (Small objects) up to five range increments. The size of ...
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Shrink Item and the Oversized Starknife

Related to this question. Shrink Item is a very interesting spell. It enables you to reduce an item to a tiny fraction of its original size, making it easy to transport. It also enables you to bring ...
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Can you use a Shalantha's delicate disk as a thrown weapon?

Given that Shalantha's delicate disk is a horribly awful spell which I try to avoid as much as possible, me and my group were wondering wheter or not one can use a disk as a thrown weapon. In the ...
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Can my Small Aether Elemental summon throw my very small PC ally around?

Can my Small Aether Elemental summon throw my very small PC ally around in Pathfinder? And if so how far? In other words, how does Telekinetic Throw work with willing creatures?
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