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for questions about physical or digital tiles, typically used to create dungeons and similar environments when using miniatures. See also [battle-map]

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3 answers

How do I keep my wooden hexagonal tiles from shifting under miniatures?

I've got these little (3 cm corner to corner, 2.4 cm side to side, about 2–3 mm thick) hexagonal wooden tiles I'm planning to use in my D&D campaigns. I plan to paint them on both sides, with one ...
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Where can I find free digital dungeon tiles? [closed]

I'm currently running a D&D 4e campaign on Roll20. I have been drawing the maps in Roll20, but it's a hassle and I'd like to switch to something pre-made. Most of the tiles on Roll20's site aren't ...
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Creating a free online dungeon map maker - advice on where I can find tiles to offer the users? [closed]

I have been looking around on various dungeon map making tools and I have not yet found one I am comfortable with. So I am thinking of creating my own online HTML5 dungeon map tool and share it with ...
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Is there a product that offers hexagonal dungeon tiles?

I've searched a lot and found a lot of do-it-yourself hexagon dungeon tile printing. Does anyone know of a finished product that uses dungeon tiles with hexagons instead of squares? I'm looking for ...
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How can I easily make custom dungeon tiles?

I've gotten more mileage out of dungeon tiles than most other ways of making maps -- however, I would like more variety than WOTC has put out. (In particular, I would like some curved corridors.) I ...
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Configurations for D&D dungeon tiles?

I'm looking to pick up some of the D&D dungeon tiles sets. I'm wondering if the sets come with recommended designs for the tiles, or are their sites online where people have provided possible ...
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16 votes
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What is a good source for non-fantasy floor plans? [closed]

I run a lot of of modern and science fiction RPGs (Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, nWod and the like) and I have found that actual, printed floorplans for locations can really enhance play ...
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Has any one created add on tile for Undermountain Games' DTiles: Dungeons?

I have been using Undermountain Games' DTiles: Dungeons! for a while now and it is a great product, but ... there are limited floor types. It would be nice to have water and magma etc. I tried to ...
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What's an organized storage solution for Dungeon Tiles?

I currently have them in ziploc bags, but I'd like to have a system that keeps them organized and quickly accessible in game. What have other people used?
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