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For questions about the use of tokens or other physical representations used in tabletop RPGs, e.g. for counting. Virtual tabletops such as Roll20 may also use virtual "tokens" to represent characters, spell effects, and the like. (See also: the [miniatures] tag.)

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How does the token method of templating spell areas work in practice?

Xanathar's Guide to Everything has a method to determine spell areas with tokens under Spellcasting, p. 87. It says that the method is "meant to make areas of effect tactile and fun": Using ...
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What are the dimensions of ship tokens in ship on ship combat, via GoS, suppose to be?

I've had some conflicting information on whether a gargantuan ship from Ghosts of Saltmarsh is suppose to have a 20x20 token or an accurately dimensioned token, when used in ship v ship combat. For me ...
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Token Macro that whispers back at whoever clicked it

I'd like to create a "Lookup" token that has one clickable macro for each condition. If you click the macro "blinded", it puts the rule for the blinded condition in the chat. This ...
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How can I let players create and move their own tokens in Roll20?

When I run D&D online, I want to delegate to players the control of their tokens. If one of my players tells me they cast flaming sphere, I want to be able to tell them to go find an image of a ...
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Does it matter who adds coins to the Despair coffer?

I suspect I'm fretting over a trivial loose end in the rules, but I might be missing something pretty fundamental about the coin economy, so I'd like to get it cleared up. On page 24, the book says ...
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Too few dice to move around in a game were their position on the "character" sheet is relevant

Apart from it being an everyone-for-himself game, one of the most dreaded things about Blood Red Sands is the sheer number of dice needed: Total Dice Needed for a full game of 5 players: 25d10, ...
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Recommended Tools and macros for Dark Heresy in Roll 20 [closed]

Our group is currently meeting for a Dark Heresy campaign on Roll20. We have found some interesting tokens, built a few macros and the character sheets and we are learning more about the internal ...
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Making tokens using Shrinky Dink? [closed]

Has anyone ever used the above to make tokens, counter or even to represent miniatures? I wanted to make some 1" sq tiles for a game I am making with pictures of NPCs etc on them. The question was, ...
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What monster tokens are these?

Here is a snap shot of some monsters that I found while being bored today. I couldn't identify what the monsters were (sort of). the monster on the top left marked (3) turns out to be a "Vampire ...
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Which products contain Monster, PC, or NPC tokens for Dnd4e?

Which books/boxes/etc contain sheets of tokens and or maps for Dnd4e? I have the monster vault, which I believe came with tokens, and the outdoors and indoors tiles I think came with some tokens also,...
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