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Questions tagged [tomb-of-horrors]

Tomb of Horrors is a campaign module for Dungeons & Dragons. It was originally published by TSR for the 1st edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in 1978, and has been converted and republished in some form in every edition of D&D since then. Most recently, it is one of the adventures published in the Tales from the Yawning Portal book for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

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4 answers

Secret door and trap DCs in Tomb of Horrors vs Expertise [closed]

Normal skill checks The standard DCs for skill checks, for example for discovering secret doors with Wisdom (Perception) or Intelligence (Investigation) is given on page 238 DMG under Typical DCs: ...
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2 answers

How to I run the Tomb of horrors better? [closed]

I'm having trouble with the Tomb of Horrors. My party is mostly newer players except for one veteran player, who happens to power build with another newer player (the overpowered clerics from Tasha's ...
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14 votes
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What are all the hints in Acererak's message?

In another question, I asked how to translate Acererak's message from the Tomb of Horrors module (Tales from the Yawning Portal, p. 215) in French, but since no one could answer that yet, someone ...
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Can the message from Acererak be translated into French without losing its hints?

I plan on running the Tomb of Horrors module from the Tales of the Yawning Portal book, and I would like to play it in French, as we all are native French-speakers at the table. In this dungeon, the ...
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15 votes
2 answers

Can the door to this area really not be opened from this direction in Tomb of Horrors?

I am reading Tales from the Yawning Portal, specifically the Tomb of Horrors. There seems to be an error in the following description (emphasis mine): The way this area reads I think it should say: ...
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23 votes
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In the Tomb of Horrors adventure in Tales from the Yawning Portal, what is the intended scenario for when this event occurs?

Excuse the unspecific question title. Hard to ask this without putting spoilers. In D&D 5e Tales of the Yawning Portal, there is an updated version of the legendary Tomb of Horrors. At page 225, ...
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39 votes
2 answers

How can my players even have a chance at resolving this Tomb of Horrors puzzle?

In the Tomb of Horrors hardcover from the Tales of the Yawning Portal, most of the time, when there’s a puzzle, either clues will be given to adventurers, or there will be an available check to solve/...
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