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TORG is a cross-genre RPG where the players assume the role of "Storm Knights", people from Earth and the various invading realms, who possess limited reality altering abilities, and who oppose the plans of the High Lords.

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If a human transforms to a new cosm might they change race?

In classic Torg as well as the new Torg Eternity, the rules for disconnection and transformation seem clear; in certain circumstances a character from one cosm might lose their connection to that cosm ...
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Adding and balancing a new Stress Track?

I'm tweaking and testing the Fate Core system to fit the Torg RPG setting, and after much deliberation I came to the conclusion that a third stress track would be needed for "Reality Stress." ...
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Can You Create Your Own Cosms in Torg?

Torg has a number of really cool cosms described in the books: the Cyberpapacy, Aysle, Nippon Tech, Orrorsh, etc. These are rather detailed and are said to each inhabit a certain part of the Earth. In ...
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Which books do I need to play TORG?

I've done some research and it looks like there are tens of books for TORG (the other roleplaying game). One of them is the core book but I can't pin it down on any shopping site. When I do, is this ...
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Tips for starting a TORG campagin [closed]

I'm digging into the TORG RPG right now. Bought 25 books so far and love the world, the flair and even the rules - at least most of the rules. Is anyone still playing this systems and is able to ...
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