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For questions about tracking. Many RPGs have mechanics governing one's ability to detect and follow the tracks or trail left by the movement of a creature, vehicle, etc.

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Is this home-rule for adjusting the DC of being tracked balanced?

I have been looking into setting up an adventure in the wilderness for our table, where there is an element of being chased and the party is purposely trying to outrun and outsmart their chasers. ...
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Is the Wisdom (Survival) skill used for both tracking and finding tracks?

The rules mention that to follow tracks, you need to find them. It is also mentioned that it can take up to an hour outdoors to find tracks you have lost - all under tracking, which is Wisdom (...
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How do the Pass without Trace and Hunter's Mark spells interact?

I was running what was supposed to be a one-shot recently, where the party was tracking some unicorns. The party's ranger used Hunter's Mark on one of the unicorns, who then used pass without trace. ...
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How can an NPC be built to track a fleeing target? [closed]

I have seen the tracking rules based on the survival skill and something bothers me: you take a -20 penalty to track a target at twice your speed (a.k.a hustle speed a.k.a a fleeing runaway speed on a ...
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How to make the (city) guards unable to track us?

For a side quest we got job from a shady figure my character and two other player characters went to break into a smithy's home/workplace. When we were in there our brute, low intelligence, tabaxi ...
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How can I track a creature?

We're fighting a battle, when everything seems lost, an evil rogue in our party stealths and steals from us as we're fighting. Against all odds, we survive. When the battle ends, we realize the rogue ...
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Can tracking/scent be used to follow a 'jumping' creature?

I have a halfling who can jump far. Let's say he is invisible at the moment, and running away from a bad guy with a large sword riding a reindeer who has scent. So in between hustling away from the ...
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How to be permanently scentless?

I really like the effect that deodorizing agent provides and have been wondering how to get it as a permanent effect. Coating a creature in a vial of this milky, odorless substance takes 1 minute and ...
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Can you use scent to track in the air?

I saw a dragon flying in the air, I am at its approximate height, can I track in the air using the scent ability while flying?
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What is the point of the Totem Warrior Barbarian's Wolf aspect to track while moving fast?

On PHB p. 50, the Totem Warrior Barbarian's Wolf totem for the 6th-level Aspect of the Beast feature grants the following benefit: You gain the hunting sensibilities of a wolf. You can track other ...
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What skill/attribute combination is used for tracking?

In WoD, what is the combination of attribute and skill that should be used to follow a trail (animal or human footprints)? Would it involves survival? Animal ken? The only reference to following a ...
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Are there rules as written for counter tracking?

I recall running a pre-generated mod years ago, where the NPCs were performing tracking (survival) checks to make their tracks more obscure to the party hunting them. I have been using this since ...
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