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Questions tagged [training]

For questions about training, the act of improving character capabilities through instruction, exercise, practice, and other forms of preparation.

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How Balanced is a Homebrew Feat that Modifies Training Time?

I asked a while ago about the methods to decrease training time, and the answer I summarily got was, outside of shenanigans, increasing your intelligence is the only way. I'm not too invested in the ...
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What if your character is both trained in category and group of a weapon, does your character get 2 bonuses because of its proficiency when attacking?

I am making a dwarf barbarian character and as a barbarian he is trained in simple, martial and unarmed attack. I also choose dwarven weapon familiarity as its ancestry feat so now he is also trained ...
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Training in the Dojo

I have scanned the 4th edition rules for the fifth time by now, and I still can't seem to find what I am seeking. I know, that it takes a measure of weeks (typically two to four) to train an animal to ...
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How do I calculate the strength gain for years of work?

I am trying to understand what it means by "+1 strength per 3 years of work experience or fraction" in the RuneQuest 3 Player's book. Does that mean if somebody worked for 4 years they would ...
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Is there any sort of precedent for training to learn / being taught Feats?

I'm interested in acquiring a specific Feat more quickly that just from levelling. It's a Mastery Feat for the weapon I've just portentously received and am proficient with, but would like to become ...
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Can a Rogue PC teach an NPC to perform Sneak Attack?

Important Note: I am aware of this post regarding NPC training but it failed to answer my question and the top answer has some holes. I want to run a heavily player-based, sandbox campaign (I am ...
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How can my character gain proficiency in vehicles (water)?

Our party inadvertently captured a ship. Is there any way to gain a proficiency now that we're 6th level? If I have to wait two more levels to get the Skilled feat, I'm afraid we'll end up sinking ...
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3 answers

Can I breed and train an army of wild rats?

I’m playing a blind (but with 60ft blind-sight) half-elf bard with animal handling and animal friendship in a D&D 5e game. I'm interested in capturing two wild rats and breeding them into any ...
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Would the Speak with Animals spell help with training a mammoth?

Is a session today, my Barbarian Goliath (Uthrak) decided to be a hero. We were fighting some giants, and one rocked up riding a mammoth. I decided a fun thing to do would be to try and highjack it, ...
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How long does it take to read and learn from a book?

My party has stumbled upon an abandoned library. They've found some books that they want to read and study. I've told them if they read and study the books they'll gain a proficiency bonus for the ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How long would it take for me to train my animal companion to use a shortsword?

I am using the UA Revised Ranger in one of our D&D games. I am currently 2nd level and have had my Ranger animal companion from the start instead of summoning him at 3rd level (the wolf doesn't ...
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3 answers

What happens when a mount is trained for combat riding using the handle animal skill

Considering D&D 3.5 edition rules a heavy or light horse can be trained for combat riding, my question is: Does the horses stats remain the same as per page 273 of the monster manual or do they ...
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How much time would it take for a PC to train NPCs to get class features?

One of the Folk Hero's Defining Events is to have trained peasants against a tyrant's army. Is it possible to train NPCs (say, peasants) to gain (limited) level 1 features of a given class (say, monk ...
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How can the DM make training balanced and interesting? [closed]

Having beaten The Evil that Stirred Uneasily, Bob the fighter enters town and, wanting to try something new after spending the last adventure stabbing, decides to learn how to cast a few spells or how ...
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2 answers

How long does it take for a Dire Wolf to mature?

I am playing DnD 5e and I acquired a month old Dire wolf pup as a beast master. How long would it take for it to be combat ready? Is there a way to reduce this time?
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How would someone go about training magical animals (such as hydras)?

We were playing in a good friend of mine's campaign, and while he's smart he's pretty new, so sometimes the players get one over on him. We ended up in a tournament against a hydra, and my druid came ...
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How can you train/tame monsters & magical beasts?

Some background. My party recently went up against a Cloud Ray (MMII p.49 INT 2) and decided they were going to bring it down non-lethally in order to make it their pet/mascot. Unfortunately as much ...
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How long is the initial "training time" to get the first level of a class?

Consider a 0th level character, or a character with existing character levels, multi-classing into a new one. I think, she needs to go somewhere - to a fighters' school, or to a wizards guild, etc - ...
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With the training from the DMG can I receive any feat in any level?

DMG p.231 A character who agrees to training as a reward must spend downtime with the trainer. In exchange, the character is guaranteed to receive a special benefit.Possible training benefits ...
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What are the rules for owning and training animals?

I'm fairly new to DMing and so is my group, so we are all on a learning curve together. We're playing D&D 5e. Last week a fighter in our group tamed a wolf with Animal Handling and then requested ...
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2 answers

What are the rules on training NPCs?

In D&D 3.5, what are the rules for being trained in spell casting, swordsmanship, etc? I want the party to find an orphan who had been abandoned when his home town was raided. I want the kid to ...
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Can PCs learn skill, proficiencies, or spells from other PCs?

Can PCs learn skills, tool proficiencies, or spells from other players' characters in the game? In our game the rogue and ranger spend a lot of time scouting and working together. The rogue wanted to ...
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