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For questions about issues with translations of game materials.

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Running a non-English game

I'm DMing a game in Cantonese for some people from Hong Kong. For those who don't know, Cantonese is a spoken language similar to Mandarin Chinese, used by Hongkongers, and is dissimilar to English. I ...
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Can a translation of a text declared as OGC be declared as Product Identity?

Le't say I make a translation of an rpg originally published in English (in this case a retroclone of D&D BX). The original game was licenced under OGL. Under the Open Game Content section it is ...
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Do the original English rule books have the same contents per page number as the French-translated ones?

I've ordered the official French translation of the DMG (edited by Black Book Editions) and I was wondering if the page numbers remain the same. I can read that the book has 320 pages as listed in ...
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Is the spellblade weapon property permanent?

The spellblade weapon property from Player's Guide to Faerûn makes you immune to a single targeted spell. This part of the description When the wielder is next subjected to the chosen spell, the ...
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SRD summary translation legal?

I just wonder if it is legal (according to the OGL) to summarize/translate the key rules of the 5e SRD in another language (say German or French) using the OGL?
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Is the Wall of Stone Spell mistranslated from English to German?

In the English version of the Wall of Stone spell the dimension specification of the wall is: A wall of stone is 1 inch thick per four caster levels and composed of up to one 5-foot square per ...
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Has D&D been translated into Romanian or Serbian?

I have a cousin in Serbia who is very interested in D&D, but speaks no English. He does speak Romanian and Serbian, and I would love to send him some source books. Was any edition of the D&D ...
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How does Level come to play with Fetishes?

I do not manage to understand how Level affects Fetishes. The rules (at least those which I have, W20 translated into Spanish) talk about Gnosis several times, but I do not find anything about Level, ...
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How are free points used?

In my translated version of Werewolf The Apocalypse, 20th Anniversary, it reads that the 15 free points on character creation can be used in two different ways: On page 114, the 15 free points are to ...
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What is the English name of the “Hohe Wächter” faction in Taldor?

We are going to start the Reign of Winter Adventure Path next week and our GM said we are part of a faction (or guild?). Since we are playing in German he told us the faction is “Hohe Wächter”, which ...
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Is there an English translation of Degenesis?

Degenesis is a German game set in a post apocalyptic version of Europe. Is there an English translation?
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2 votes
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Are there translation-specific errata for D&D 3.5e?

Stemming from: Can a Ranger's Fighting Style be a prerequisite for the feat Two-Weapon Defense? has WotC ever issued 3.5e errata against certain translations to fix translation issues?
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Can a Ranger's Fighting Style be a prerequisite for the feat Two-Weapon Defense?

My Player's Handbook, in French, as well as this other source, describes Combat Style (two-weapon fighting) as follows: Si le rôdeur choisit le combat à deux armes, il peut se battre comme s'il ...
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How are units converted to metric in translations of D&D 3.5?

I have heard that some foreign language translations of 3.5 use meters in the rules text instead of feet. How big is a square in these metric translations? Are weight measurements given in Newtons or ...
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Has Dungeons & Dragons ever been officially translated into Hungarian?

So I was talking with a friend from Budapest, Hungary who told me that he had played Dungeons & Dragons back in the 1980s. However, he explained that at the time they were playing "bootlegged" ...
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