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Questions tagged [ultramodern5]

For questions about Ultramodern5, a modification of D&D 5e rules for use in non-fantasy settings (pre-modern, contemporary, and futuristic). The Ultramodern5 sourcebook was written by Chris Dias and published by Dias Ex Machina Games in 2016.

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5 votes
1 answer

What are the multiclassing rules for Ultramodern 5 Redux?

What are the multiclassing rules for Ultramodern 5 Redux? Since the classes are different than the standard 5e fantasy, I'm not quite certain what gets carried over or not from class to class.
2 votes
1 answer

How is starting wealth (money) chart determined for Ultramodern 5 Redux?

I recently got the PDF and Book for Ultramodern 5 Redux. I can't seem to find a starting wealth (money) chart; is there one? If not, is there an simple alternate system (like how D20 Modern had a ...
8 votes
1 answer

Should I allow a PC's spells to affect a very large space vehicle?

I'm running a sci-fi campaign using D&D 5e, Ultramodern 5e (an add-on that allows you to run modern and sci-fi settings using D&D 5e), with Esper Genesis space combat rules. I have a player ...
15 votes
1 answer

What, if any, balance problems do the Ultramodern5 & Apex rulesets have?

There is a disclaimer in each of the Ultramodern5 and Apex rulesets' preambles stating that they do not aim for balance. Has anyone played them extensively enough to know if there are any major ...
47 votes
9 answers

How to deal with a PC being played as homophobic?

I’m about to start a sci-fi campaign using Ultramodern5 (a modification of D&D 5e for non-fantasy settings). I’ve been working with players to help build their characters, and one player character ...