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Unisystem is a generic role-playing game system produced by Eden Studios, Inc. It is used in All Flesh Must Be Eaten and several other games.

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Where is the Core of Unisystem?

I'm trying to expand the range of universal/generic systems I'm acquainted with, and took a look at Unisystem. I had a very superficial run-in with it in one of its licensed-franchise forms some years ...
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When/how does the Quick Learner merit work?

The quick learner merit (Quick Learner 3-point Mental Quality) states that: As a result, when the character starts learning a new regular skill he gains one level or speciality free up to level ...
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Should the players roll a defense if the attack didn't succeed?

In AFMBE, attacking consists of two rolls: an attack vs TN 9, a defense vs TN 9, and if they both succeed, the higher number wins. If the attack doesn't total at least a 9, should the defender roll a ...
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With a negative Strength value, how much damage can I do?

When skipping through the All Flesh Must Be Eaten rulebook, I noticed that you can create PCs with negative strength values (e.g., children). As hand weapons do damage based on that strength value, ...
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Publishing an RPG System for an existing background

I created a role playing system with not too much of a Fantasy setting about 15 years ago. It played well, but when it started to reach the 4th revision, this 4th revision I had put weeks of work in ...
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Adventure for CJ Carella's Armageddon RPG

I'm looking for Adventures for CJ Carella's Armageddon RPG, as I really like the system much. Sadly, there's nothing to buy out there. Do you have recommendations which other adventures could fit into ...
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