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Universalis is a storytelling RPG published by Ramshead Publishing.

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How do Challenge Winners Earn More Coins?

I think I'm having trouble understanding the way the coin economy works in Challenges, or maybe I'm missing something. COINS GENERATED ❍ Each losing Pool generates 1 Bonus Coin per die rolled ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Universalis: The thundering herd -- Where did I misunderstand the rules?

I'm going to describe a problem I had in a game of universalis. What I want to know is, Did I misunderstand the rules. We had a master component of a barbarian, who had (relevant) traits of "mighty ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Play-by-web tools for Universalis [closed]

I've seen Wiki's being used as a technological base for playing Universalis, but I'm not aware of any wildly successful runs with that. Are there any other good web tools for universalis?
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What changed between the original and the revised editions of Universalis?

I've played quite a bit of the original version but I'm skeptical about buying an updated copy. I know there is a change to the way ties are resolved during a Complication, but I don't know the ...
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