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Vampire: The Requiem is a modern horror RPG by White Wolf in the "new World of Darkness" series of games, in which the PCs are members of a hidden society of vampires.

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What's the exact sequence of events for an Embrace in Vampire: the Requiem?

I've been digging around in the Requiem book and so far it looks like there's no single entry explaining how the Embrace works. The bit about draining and feeding vitae is in one part of the book, the ...
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Who drew the ten Princes in "Damnation City"?

In Damnation City there is a section with ten princes with artwork that is really cool. Does anyone know the identity of the artist?
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What alternative models exist for Vampire populations in WoD?

The official WoD sources say that a vampire requires between 50,000 and 100,000 people to support them, giving an upper limit of about 50,000 vampires in the entire world. I've always found this ...
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How can I improve the social / mental combat system in Vampire: Requiem?

The Storytelling System has balanced traits, with power, finesse, and resistance attributes and skills for the physical, social and mental traits. Still, until recently only physical combat was ...
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