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Questions about the personality elements of virtues and vices in the Chronicles of Darkness 1st Edition role playing game.

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Temperance leading to madness [closed]

Premise: I'm playing a courteous and professional burglar in a mixed (mage and human) nWoD campaign. I am one of two non-mages is a party of 5. I play the only sane character. My character has ...
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Is there a fan maintained list of god-machine chronicles virtues and vices?

GMC opens the door for a much wider selection of virtues and vices the new World of Darkness. The rules update moves away from cardinal sins and virtues, the book then lists a handful of each. I'm ...
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How should I interpret "rival" when playing out the Envy vice?

I'm having a tricky time knowing where to go with the technical side of the Envy vice. It's kind of a unique vice in that I have to damage "a rival" rather than, as with other vices, my wellbeing, my ...
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Could Virtues and Vices break my WoD game?

I'm currently running a short World of Darkness mortals campaign using only the core systems rulebook. I soon house-ruled that we weren't going to have Virtues and Vices for our campaign because they ...
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PC characteristics overruling player intent

This question could be generalized (and thus it would probably reach more people) but is easier to consider in a given system, so I'll stick with nWoD's Storytelling. Is there a good official or ...
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