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Questions tagged [wfrp-4e]

For questions about the 4th edition of the Warhammer Fantasy Role Play RPG by Cubicle 7.

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What are the published adventures for WFRP which are not set plots?

Many of the published adventures for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay(WFRP) follow a set plot and are a bit of a railroad experience, for example "Through the Drakwald" and "Ashes of ...
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How do I calculate attack rolls for creatures in WFRP 4e

I've just begun running WFRP 4e and I don't get the weapon or bite traits in the bestiary. I understand that the rating (for example bite+9) is the damage including the strength bonus. But do you also ...
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How do multiple sources of Fear work in WFRP 4E?

Basic Fear Rules Simple enough. Consider a Halfling PC (Small) who encounters a single hostile Human (Medium). Due to the hostility and the size differences, the Human causes Fear(1) in the Halfling. ...
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Guidelines for setting haggle test difficulty when using the tracking money option?

I have been running a game of WFRP 4e and my players haven't really been enjoying tracking money much so I was thinking of switching to the optional tracking money rule on page 290 of the rule book. ...
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