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Wolsung: Steampulp Fantasy is a roleplaying game of cinematic action set in the daring times of the Magical-Industrial Revolution.

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What happens in Wolsung when you can't take more scars?

In Wolsung, when a PC loses conflicts, they lose attribute points. Once they reach 0, they gain a scar. A scar has a dual effect: it provides a bonus to one attribute and negatively affects another. ...
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2 answers

How to increase difficulty on the fly?

When I started DMing I've had a problem that combat was too difficult for the players. This was a while ago and was mostly connected with D&D 4e. I asked a question and received a lot of great ...
1 vote
1 answer

How do chases work when multiple characters are involved on both sides?

I am new to the Wolsung system and reading the rulebook, I'm not sure how conflicts play out when there are multiple PCs and enemies involved. At a guess I would say extras (or mooks, if you want to ...