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For questions about games branded “World of Darkness”, including the original “old WoD” or “classic WoD” and the “WoD” reboot by WW/Paradox Interactive/Modiphius. Not for nWoD/CoD questions. See full description for details.

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The fate of "the Lord of the Ashtray"

Back in 2002, the Fans that made Orpheus held a contest to make a Samual Haight-themed campaign. The Lord of the Ashtray won. Through sheer luck, the web archive crawled the fans' website starting in ...
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What rules can I use to emulate a W20 Wendigo werewolf with V5 mechanics?

I’m making a scenario using Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition (V5) rules, and I want my players to face a werewolf of the Wendigo tribe, as they're depicted in Werewolf: the Apocalypse 20th ...
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Capturing a sneaky Bane

Our Kaganmadi just encountered a Bane last round, that is sneaky and tries to influence a Bête by whispering to them sneakily. Now we had stopped at a cliffhanger, having found out the following: A ...
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Can the base damage of a Sorcerous Fetish be raised?

In the new MET Werewolf book, one of the options for a Fetish is the Sorcerous cantrip, which inflicts a damage of one. Is there any way to raise that damage with Fetish or Equipment Qualities?
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What's the difficulty to detect Were-beings with Shintao/Kenning?

The Wording for Shentao and Kenning is a little ambiguous and I need a little help here: Shentao Much like Kenning, which it replaces, Shentao represents the innate magical sense common to the Shinma....
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Why don't non-Changelings die when killed in the Dreaming, but get kicked out into the Umbra instead?

Inspired by this post: What happens when a Changeling dies in the Dreaming? So, yes, Changelings killed in the Dreaming (as opposed to just by chimerical damage in the mortal world) are killed for ...
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Converting Calming Animals from GURPS Magic to Dark Ages: Mage

As an exercise, I'm trying to adapt spells from GURPS Magic (I only have the Brazilian Portuguese version and I don't have any idea of which edition it is, but it seems to be an old one) to Dark Ages: ...
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