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Würm is a French tabletop RPG set 35,000 years ago during the Ice Age. It was originally published in French by Editions Icare in 2011. The English translation was then crowdfunded on Kickstarter and published by Nocturnal Media in 2016.

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In Würm, when should a bonus be an extra die, and when is it a static value?

In Würm, actions are resolved by rolling 2d6 and beating a threshold for the challenge. Context, special abilities, and items can provide bonuses or penalties to this roll. I'm going to be GMing my ...
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Can I use a Talent without initation?

I'm currently creating my first character for a Würm game. At character creation you choose a tribe (which determines starting skills) and Strengths. My character is a Long Man (Aurignacian culture) ...
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